These videos showcase a number of the events of Trisha Brown: In the New Body. All videos were made by the filmmaker Byron Karabatsos. The event notes are provided by Lisa Kraus, Project Director.

“Much of this dance’s mystery comes from sections which are extremely subtle, extremely gentle, like what we see here. Getting the dancing to look that way, especially in lifts, takes precise placements and cooperation. Neal Beasley’s direction helps the dancers find the most efficient pathways so they can exude that quality of ease, especially in complex partnering.”

“This whole-stage view of this classic gives a sense of its hurling weight and bold partnering. Interestingly, works like this, with so much detail in the interactions flying by so fast, were particularly hard to convey on video, unlike works more concerned with pure geometries or more echoes across the stage. But nothing compares to Set and Reset for its incessant, daring propulsion.”

“This solo opens PRESENT TENSE, which gradually accumulates dancers—one to two, to more and more. This rendition shows dancer Tara Lorenzen’s effortless precision. Trisha was playing with having different voices in the top and lower halves of the body and Tara lets us see this clearly.”

PRESENT TENSE plays with complex partnering, less with the high velocity throw and catch of Trisha’s dances of the 80s and 90s and more in a measured, sustained dynamic. Seeing the unfolding of these configurations, with energy just enough and no more, is satisfying, like an elegant Japanese dinner.”


“Marc and Stuart performed this three times and Byron [the film director] melded different shots for this clip. Some of the time you can see the busload of students from Princeton watching from outdoors, sometimes other company members watching from a vantage point on the floor. You really settle in to witness this dance, which is almost like the activity of animals in nature, problem solving.”

“Behind the camera, Byron’s view of Trisha’s Group Primary Accumulation is a very different take than you had with the naked eye. While the atrium space at the Barnes is spectacular, and the work sat beautifully within it, the narrow corridor through which he shot this iconic dance is especially delightful with its unexpected comings and goings.” 

“As one of the folks who has witnessed and commented on the long arc of Trisha’s career, Wendy is especially well-placed from having danced the work herself. It’s revelatory to listen to her explanations of the influences and motivators that led to Trisha’s choices.” 

“With this promo we wanted to give a sense of what would be unfolding through the Trisha Brown: In the New Body project, and why we’ve been inspired to have people connect with it. Focusing on the performances in Goodhart Hall, the stage is glimpsed in the background of the frame as we looked forward to seeing the Trisha Brown Dance Company dance on it.”